Grand Finale is a horde progression guild on the Borean Tundra server.
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 Grand Finale Recruitment Priorities

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PostSubject: Grand Finale Recruitment Priorities   Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:24 pm

Listed below are the recruitment priorities for Grand Finale. Please note the following:

-- Classes that are closed do not automatically mean exclusion from acceptance.
-- Classes that have a lower priority must show they are above and beyond the norm in order to gain entry and a raid spot.
-- Classes with high priority are not automatically accepted, however a simple reference should get you in.
-- Any Spec refers to any raid spec that maximizes dps. No PVP specs will be allowed into raids.

This list was last updated on February 25, 2009

Summary: Our primary focus is now on ranged DPS as well as a couple of more healers. Inactivity and slower leveling has opened us up to excepting a few more melee classes. We would also consider bringing in an additional tank, especially a Bear Tank.

Death KnightAny Spec (Tank) Low
DruidFeral (Tank) Low
PaladinProtection Low
WarriorProtection Low
DruidRestoration Medium
PaladinHoly Medium
PriestHoly / Disc Low
ShamanRestoration Medium
Death KnightAny Spec (DPS) Low
DruidCat Form (DPS) Medium
PaladinRetribution Low
RogueAny Spec CLOSED
ShamanEnhancement CLOSED
WarriorFury Medium
DruidBoomkin High
HunterBeast Mastery Low
HunterSurvival High
MageArcane / Frostfire Medium
PriestShadow Low
ShamanElemental Medium
WarlockAny Spec High

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PostSubject: Re: Grand Finale Recruitment Priorities   Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:24 pm

Thanks for updating this, I've been posting replys in the server fourms
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Grand Finale Recruitment Priorities
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